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“We are helping American Christians Prepare Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, for Coming Judgments Described in Joel chapter Two.”  We have entered into those terribly dangerous times Jesus’ Prophets have been warning us about since the Great Holy Spirit Los Angeles  (city of angels) Azusa Street Pentecostal Revival in 1907, and even before that an Angel of Jesus Christ warning George Washington,  the Father of our The American Republic, what would befall America in its later days, and much before that, all the Hebrew Prophets  in the Bible that warned of events happening in our day, preceding the return of Jesus Christ to planet Earth.

What is God saying to you? When are His judgments going to begin? Today, summing up the last ten years the only reply I can give you is: 9-11, New Orleans, Haiti, America’s national debt, Barack Obama, Van Jones, George Soros, ect, the US Healthcare crisis, New Zealand (Christchurch), Egypt and Libya, The Middle East, Madison Wisconsin, Japan. The wise will take heed. There is still a little time left to prepare. A “little” time. What we do in the shortened days now upon us, we must do with diligence and purpose. Money and time are NOT the issues. Action is. We must move forward with the resources we DO have. We must prepare for the demonic onslaught now manifesting in this world, or we will be soon full of regret and anguish on a scale that our souls and bodies cannot bear. The weight of the beginnings of sorrows is now upon us. Those who make even the most rudimentary preparations shall have their sorrows lessened and their joys increased in the midst of the world’s grief. Speaking in a figurative sense (hear and understand), do you live within the range of radiation fallout of a failing nuclear facility? You need not be there when the ‘meltdown’ begins. You can seek God now for His proper place for you, His food, His water, His friendship, and His fellowship. You can, if you will be diligent and deny denial. This is the time to choose grief (through inaction) or happiness.

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