The Wilcox Report


June 2005

By Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt

Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt is a Prophet of Jesus Christ. In the Spring of 1970, God the Father said... "into thy hand is given the Staff of Life". Here the Lord God defined the work he called Chuck-JOHNEL to, which was to extend His Life to all men and in this he would have authority to spare the lives of many.

Chuck-JOHNEL saw his first angels while on a 3 day retreat of prayer, abiding, and Bible study in 1971. He has since had many visions and has talked with Christ face to face many times. He has had extraordinary experiences as he has ministered for God. The Lord has told him many things, especially prophecies pertaining to the United States.

In March 1975, God organized the NET OF PRAYER through His Prophet Chuck-JOHNEL. The NET OF PRAYER is unique in that it was named by JESUS; and as His Prayer Army, we work to pray according to the revealed Will of God by JESUS CHRIST THROUGH His Apostle/Prophets. The Net of Prayer was organized to bring about God's Will on the earth, including saving souls and lessening judgment on His people.

The Lord revealed to Chuck-JOHNEL that "prophecies are warnings of what will happen if people do not repent. If they do repent, the prophecies will be modified or cancelled as the people believe." However, the judgments on the United States are sealed. The Lord told Chuck-JOHNEL in 1988, "NO LONGER CALL MY CHURCH TO PRAY (to withstand judgments)-HENCEFORTH SAY, REPENT OR DIE.."

The 'Rapture Doctrine' more than anything has served to keep the body of Christ blind to the fact that there is a foundational work to be done BEFORE JESUS can return. Jesus has stated that He will not return to a church which isn't praying for His return. He will only return to a church without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. The present wickedness in the church He will not tolerate.

On July 8,2001, the Lord instructed Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, both prophets in The Staff and Sword Ministry who had been praying for years for God's mercy on this nation, to spiritually and physically STAND ASIDE as judgments were now to begin.
Their account of this event is as follows:

QUOTE: "In Jesus Christ's Name we prophetically stand aside according to the Word of God through Jesus Christ our Lord on July 8th, 2001. Now in Jesus' Name we strike the earth 7 times according to your Will. (We then strike the earth 7 times in Jesus' Name.)



At 2:45 PM July 12, 2001, Nancy-TONI and I (Chuck-JOHNEL) began to pray and to draw near to the Lord. We were out in the yard with The Staff and began to pray prophesy at 3:05 PM.

This is Nancy-TONI'S report: "Facing South and West (towards California) with the Staff.

We prayed, "We come before Your Throne of Grace and Mercy, Heavenly Father under the Blood of Jesus and according to Your Commission in Jesus Christ's name...Father, it is the day of decision, Thursday, July the 12th (2001) at 3:05 PM. Heavenly Father, In Jesus' Name-we have not heard from any of the Pastors (who were asked to pray in behalf of the nation, but did not respond) and Your Will be done."

The Lord's Angel with us says, "It's done." UNQUOTE.

Within two months, this nation suffered one of the worst tragedies ever experienced on U.S. soil. This tragic date to come was prophesied many times in Chuck-JOHNEL's book, "THE STAFF AND THE SWORD", printed in 1979.

The Lord revealed to Chuck-JOHNEL that judgments would come in three waves known as a 'Judgment Sequence'. The first judgment would be in the weather (more commonly a hurricane hitting the U.S.), the second judgment to follow would be an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, and the third judgment would be war.

Chuck-JOHNEL has come to understand that judgment has at least three distinct phases, these being (in his own terms):

1) PATTERN Judgment Phase
2) PRELUDE Judgment Phase
3) FULL Judgment phase

We are currently in the PRELUDE Judgment Phase, as the PATTERN Judgment Phase has passed, where we begin to see actual judgments emerge.

The FULL Judgment Phase is where we enter into the three years of judgments that will end with America being attacked, invaded, and destroyed followed by a seven year occupation under 8 foreign flags. This period will be preceded two years earlier by some very violent events that make up the heart of the prelude judgment period.

The possibility exists (not clearly observed) that these phases can overlap each other. How many years will we be in the 'Prelude Judgment Cycle'? We really don't know. What we do know is that from certain events, there are just two years before we enter into the full judgment phase. What we are looking for is clear evidence that those events which lead 2 years later to the start of the Full Judgment Phase have begun. In the meantime, since this is not yet in view, we are waiting, praying, watching, and working in prayer to affect the greatest level of mercy possible before time is up.



One lead-in event is believed to be a major earthquake (7-8 Magnitude) striking LOS ANGELES, California on October 7tlt. This will be followed two years later by:

* Major hurricane slamming into the Southeastern U.S. in the month of September (likely September 9th)
* Major earthquake in St. Louis (effects Chicago on a Sept. 19th)
* Major 7 to 8+ magnitude earthquake striking San Francisco on October 23rd
* Accidental nuclear exchange happens following the October 23rd earthquake and will come in the month of December (likely December 14th destroying Lexington, KY; Richmond, VA; Columbia, SC; and heavily damaging New York, NY
* Iran attacks U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia
* Red China attacking and invading Taiwan
* North Korea launching a full-fledged invasion of South Korea
* 3 volcanoes exploding like a string of firecrackers on the West Coast of the U.S.
* The Philippines turning blood red (suggesting a great slaughter)
* Japan was seen trembling, but it seemed more to do with "fear" of a rising and aggressive Red Chinese military power

The above noted judgment events will precede a two year count down to the Full Judgment Phase.

Remember repentance in the church can lessen judgments. According to God's desire to extend mercy or where prayer has obtained added mercy, the above mentioned judgments could be modified. Judgments will come in waves like birth pains.

Following are prophecies, warnings, and words of comfort and hope given by Chuck-JOHNEL regarding America, as he received them from the Lord. These are notes taken from comments by Chuck-JOHNEL and from his video tape, "The Coming Occupation of America", as well as more recent declarations from the Lord Jesus Christ to him.


Through JESUS' Word, His revelations and visions in the early years of the Ministry after 1979, Chuck-JOHNEL was shown these things: (Note: Biblically, the word "Shown" means to indicate something shown 'In The Spirit' by the SPIRIT OF GOD.)

VOLCANIC ERUPTION A major eruption of a volcano on the West Coast U. S.A. will signal the return of God's judgments on America. The time of this major volcanic eruption is not known. Possible locations are either at the Mammoth Lakes volcano in California or Mt. 81. Helens volcano in Washington State.

STORM JUDGMENT Either in the month of August or September (year unknown) a massive hurricane will impact Corpus Christi, Texas, causing extensive destruction and



high loss of life to the city and Gulf Coast. It is possible that the VOLCANIC ERUPTION (detailed above) will precede this hurricane. (This is likely to be the year 2008.)

EARTHQUAKE MIDWEST - ST. LOUIS. MISSOURI/CHICAGO, ILLINOIS The hurricane in Corpus Christi is a clear warning that the Midwest U.S.A is next for a major earthquake that can (based on what JESUS revealed to Chuck-JOHNEL in 1980) kill upwards of 50,000 in the St. Louis, Missouri, area alone. This killer quake will cause massive destruction in St. Louis and Chicago (estimated to be either a 6.7 or 7.6 Richter intensity earthquake). It is known that this major Midwest earthquake is expected to strike on September 19th, probably in 2008. When the major earthquake hits the Midwest on September 19th, this will signal that the 2-year countdown to Nuclear World War III is on. It will also signal that the 'accidental nuclear exchange' between Russia and the U.S. will happen in this same year (in the month of December, believed to be December 14th).

THE TINY STAR VISIONS (At this time, this is a vision yet to be fulfilled, and intercessory prayers and prayer warriors are much needed.) From 1979 through to 19911994 the Lord JESUS has revealed that an object from outer space (an asteroid or comet) of size was headed for earth (on a collision course). Unless there was prayer to divert it away from the earth, it will impact North America with terrible force, killing hundreds of millions world wide and leaving civilizations ruined. This object appears to be 'extra judgments' meaning something added to the judgment picture that can also be removed through prayer (if 1,000 intercessors are found within a year's time of when the book "JESUS. HIS ANGEL AND ME" is published). If the TINY STAR hits the earth, it is likely to hit towards the end of the PRELUDE JUDGMENTS and before the FULL JUDGMENTS. It would not stop Nuclear World War III; rather it would only add to the suffering and death of man worldwide.

VISIONS OF 1983 Chuck-JOHNEL had the following vision on October 14, 1983:

He saw US. fleets in the Arabian Sea and US. troops pouring into the Persian Gulf region and into Saudi Arabia. Chuck-JOHNEL then saw a missile fired from Iran which streaked over the Persian Gulf and hit Darahan, Saudi Arabia, where the U.S. keeps its' military equipment and where US. troops would stage for a war in this area. The heart of the U.S. Military and its' equipment will be destroyed in one nuclear blast. Our army will go over and not come back.

Chuck-JOHNEL also saw Russia invading Iran in this year.

North Korea is seen attacking and invading South Korea.

Red China attacks and then invades Taiwan.

Japan shakes. This is either an earthquake or representative of fear over the resurgence of Red China as a major military power and threat to them.



Chuck-JOHNEL saw the Philippines turn red - meaning uncertain (suggests either a Communist takeover or a bloody revolt).

Three volcanoes will explode on the US. West Coast from California to Washington State like a string of firecrackers. Chuck-JOHNEL believes these three volcanoes will explode at the same time, at nighttime and that the first to explode is most likely the Mammoth Lakes volcano in California.

In December of this same year, Russian computers will malfunction and accidentally launch approximately 12 ICBM's from Siberia at the US. on a cold December night. Chuck-JOHNEL believes this will happen on a December 14th. Russian technicians will scramble to issue self-destruct orders (codes) to the ICBM's lifting off for America and many were exploded in mid-air. Some of the ICBM's that do not respond to the self-destruct orders are destroyed by a limited outer space capacity the US. has which can destroy incoming ICBM's or warheads. (This limited outer space technology was not known of when this vision was received in 1983).

Four nuclear bombs hit the U.S. Out of these four warheads, one wobbles off course (damaged but not destroyed) and misses its' target, New York City, but hits to the north. New York City is thus spared but suffers heavy damage from the blast effect and radiation. Three other nuclear warheads make direct hits on Columbia, South Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; and Lexington, Kentucky; totally destroying these cities and their populations.

The U.S. President will order a limited response and fires three nuclear warheads at three Russian cities, destroying them with their populations. This response will be one primary factor that will bring the Russians to make war on the US.

Before all of this happens, JESUS will send out Chuck-JOHNEL, Nancy-TONI, and at least one other Prophet to warn Christians and people living in the cities to be hit to flee. The day they complete their work of warning and return home, the bombs will fall.

These bombs will fall, and this accidental nuclear exchange will happen approximately two years before the full thermonuclear attack on the US. by Russia and Red China.

OCTOBER 23RD PROBABLE YEAR 2008 Possible to see a major hurricane hit the US. on a September 28th, after which there will either be a volcanic eruption (likely Mammoth Lakes Volcano) or a major earthquake to affect the SAN FRANCISCO area on this date, October 23rd. In October 1988, JESUS GAVE Chuck-JOHNEL two dates when referring to judgments loosed by the Church in America when they rejected His Word - HE said, "OCTOBER 17TH, THEN AGAIN OCTOBER 23RD". On October 17, 1989, San Francisco was struck by a 7.1 Richter earthquake (which was preceded by Hurricane HUGO that struck Charleston, SC, on September 22, 1989, and which led to the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991).




Year 1   (probable Year 2009) Vision received by Chuck-JOHNEL April 21, 1977.
  * Store white gas (kerosene with rubber lined barrels)
  * Store food. If you can walk on water, you don't need to store food. If not, store food.
  * Spring rain - temperatures rise June 9th - then no more significant rain.
  * Dollar slides badly in July.
  * Crude oil imports to increase sharply.
  * Gold value problems.
  * Peak temperature highs in July hold through to September.
  * Gas/oil shortage.
  * Japan and China make economic agreements.
  * Drastic temperature drops in October.
  * The Lord JESUS revealed in 1977 that this judgment would kill off 90% of Americans unless prayer changed it. (Chuck-JOHNEL later was given to understand (by 1993) that this percentage has been reduced to a 70% loss of life due to repentance and prayer since 1977.)
  * Jobs lost.
  * City and State governments fail.
  * Disease will start from California and move east.
  * Georgia plague kills thousands.
  * Panic and fear, food riots, hoarding.
  * Food shortages in August, quality poor, costs climb, availability short-hundreds of thousands want for food.
  * Starvation begins.
  * Heat is unbearable.
  * No rain.
  * Multitudes curse God, but those touched by the love of Christ will repent and God will spare them.
  * Power outages from heat, fuel shortages increase, riots break out.
  * Extremists aim to overthrow the government.
  * Local police fails - State and Federal troops and tanks are called out.

The Lord says, "This is judgment on a nation that has turned from Him, and not on those that have stayed with Him." He says the righteous and the repentant will be spared. Psalms 37:39 says: "But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord; He is their strength in the time of trouble. "

In Psalms 37:25 it says: "I have been young, and now am old; yet have 1 not seen the righteous forsaken, nor His seed begging bread."

Psalms 53: 1 says: "Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh. For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken."



Psalms 125:2: "As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about His people from henceforth even forever."

Year 1   (probable Year 2009)
(contd.) * Northern Iowa quake in January.
  * 30 days later, a massive quake will strike Boston followed by quakes clear across the land.
  * Prophets call for repentance in late spring.

It became apparent to Chuck-JOHNEL over the years since 1977 that as the judgment JESUS warned of began to become more and more obvious, that those in the Church willfully elected to ignore it all the more. (A church decision against their own God.)

Psalms 37:27-28: "Depart from evil, and do good; and dwell for evermore. For the Lord loveth judgment, and forsaketh not His saints; they are preserved forever; but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off"

Year 2   (probable Year 2010)
  * Intense cold - little heat in most homes.
  * Severe winds.
  * Rationing power to only institutions and hospitals, etc.
  * Red China and Japan become allies.
  * Crude oil imports cut off.
  * Chicago temperatures -40 to -46 degrees.
  * 80% of Chicago without heat - many freeze to death.
  * Suicide will become common, He showed me that plainly.
  * City services fail- fires go unchecked - the dead that fall in the streets will lie in the streets.
  * Life will be intolerable for those who don't know Jesus.
  * Disease flourishes and kills tens of thousands.
  * there is little food and much fear.
  * 1/2 of previously employed are out of work.
  * Dollar is worthless
  * Canada and Mexico are unwilling to take in Americans. They seal their borders with quotas.
  * Winter ends abruptly in April- many think it's over.
  * Mid May - temperatures rise to 120 degrees.
  * Rivers and lakes dry up.
  * Famine, tornadoes, hurricanes, tremors, disease, fear, and hate.
  * Early crop failures - no rain - land is parched.
  * Famine continues.
  * The government will set up food distribution, but crop failures and unending disasters will crush all hope. Corruption in the government will destroy confidence.
  * No rain. Intense heat. People will stay indoors and fear. Everything is failing.



  * During this time, there will be miracles of all sorts: food multiplied, dead raised, sick healed, etc. "Only the (true) Christians have the strength to act, and the hand of God will be clearly visible to all in the Christian communities."
  * Some people do repent
  * Fear, pain, and misery for those who reject Christ.
  * Many curse God knowing why this has befallen them. The Lord adorns the humble with victory.
  * Sin grows to its' deepest even in the midst of judgment with a call to repentance.
  * Persecution of the saints will reach a high this year.
  * JESUS' Prophets will be abused, hated, injured, and killed.
  * The wrath of God will now run hot.
July 5th - Monster earthquake in Chicago area. The earth moves 18" and the ground drops 20 feet on one side of the fault. Lake Michigan empties to the North - big wave, and returns with a wall of water 15 stories high. Most of the city is destroyed by the flood. This flood continues clear to the gulf and destroys the following cities:
Milwaukee, St. Louis, Mississippi basin to the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans - destroying all cities on the way. This quake is so massive that in Detroit, 300 miles away, it knocks people off their feet. A 500 mile radius area is destroyed. The quake registers 9 to 10 on the Richter scale.
  * This massive quake prompts Russia and China to invade us.
  * 30 days after the quake, the Lord sends angels telling His children to flee.
  * 7 days later, Russia and China launch a full nuclear attack on the U.S.

Through all this, the Lord gave specific scriptures to Chuck-JOHNEL giving comfort and promises to those who follow him. Psalms 147:6 says: "The Lord lifteth up the meek; he casteth the wicked down to the ground." Psalm 149:4 says "For the Lord taketh pleasure in His people: He will beautify the meek with salvation." Psalms 125:3 says: "For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous; lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity."

Exodus 23 :20 says, "Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared."

Psalms 125:2 "As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about his people from henceforth even forever."

The Lord told Chuck-JOHNEL that China and Russia have planned to attack us when we are weakened. They agree the U.S. is not to be taken intact, but to be destroyed after weakened.



Russia, seeing we are weakened and under the guise of helping us, sets in motion their plan of attack.

30 days after the Mid-West quake, the Lord sends angels to warn His children to flee. Seven days later, Russia and China launch a full nuclear attack on the U.S. The U.S. Navy and Air Force receive death blows. Major cities are destroyed. Everything south of Orlando, Florida, sinks when the nuclear attack begins. The U.S. returns nuclear exchange, but Russia comes through it and within 2 months, invades the U.S. 132,427 Russian troops land at Slaughter Beach, Delaware, just outside of Wilmington. They spread out and seize air bases. The United States masses an Army of one million troops to contain the Russian beachhead. The Russians attack and cut through this badly equipped, trained and led Army which dissolves before the Russian troops. The U.S. Army collapses and flees. An aircraft carrier is scuttled by a U.S. Captain off the East Coast.

The following are the landing areas for the invading armies:
  Astoria, Oregon - Japanese armies
  San Francisco, San Diego, West Coast of California, and Mexico, Chinese armies
  North Carolina and North East Coast - Russian armies

The warning of this invasion will be published and Christians will know it. Our army won't know where the main invasion force comes-at Slaughter Beach. If they believed, they would be waiting for them on the beach and it wouldn't happen. They won't know, they won't believe. The Church has been warned, they won't believe either.

The Chinese armies that invade California kill everyone in Los Angeles and San Diegomen, women and children. Then the Lord intervenes and the mass killing is stopped.

During WW III, the Russian, Red Chinese, and U.S. nuclear exchange affect the world's weather violently, so all sides cease the use of nuclear weapons. The biological and chemical attacks backfire and kill more of them than us. Philadelphia is attacked by a neutron bomb to keep the port facilities and buildings intact. The Russians take . Washington, D.C., intact as they move down the Coast to South Carolina. Later, the Russians drop a nuclear bomb on the capital. Chuck-JOHNEL saw Atlanta, Georgia, burning. Russian troops attack Cleveland with tanks. Lake Erie, Huron, and Ontario are still intact. Lake Superior and Michigan are gone from the earthquake.

Seizing air bases is the initial objective of the invading Russian armies. In the initial attack, the Russians use a neutron bomb to kill off the population of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia's port facilities will be used as a primary supply point for the Russian invasion.

Russia will annex Alaska and kill everyone there. Hawaii will surrender to Japan. The President will flee to Kansas in the salt mines, the government goes underground.



God is going to be with the believers and bring us through. There are safe zones where the Father God says he will save many people alive. They are: North Florida, Northern New York, Central 1/3 of Arkansas, Northern North Dakota, and Northern Washington State. Also, all across the land there are green pastures where it will rain and the believers will be fed.

From the time Russia invades the U.S., we will have 2 to 3 years before the United States government is overrun and destroyed. Following the defeat of the U.S., we will endure 7 years of occupation. The last places taken by the Russians are Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. "The U.S. Army will fight to the last, but never surrenders. The Army will flee to the hills and fight in guerrilla fashion for next 7 years." 8 flags fly over the USA:
Russia, Red China, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, possibly Serbia, and the 8th is unsure.

At first the occupation will seem slight or an improvement because of the oppression we have lived under. It will seem we are set free from a demonic system.

During these judgments, times will be so hard, the Lord revealed to Chuck-JOHNEL, that children will be sold for food. The churches towards the end of the occupation would replace their crosses with a bust of Karl Marx as the population generally cooperated with the occupying armies. The churches began to worship Marx as though he were Christ.

Witches, Warlocks, and homosexuals surrounding these cities would hunt Christians for food. Christians lived outside these cities and were constantly fending off the attacks of the occupation armies and these other nightmarish people.

The Lord told Chuck-JOHNEL, "Don't go out and look for hiding places. The Lord will take us there in His time."

Whosoever believes on the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior makes up a portion of the body of Christ, regardless of their denomination.

There are those who have Jesus as their Savior but He still isn't their Lord.

If the Lord has given us into the enemies hands, don't try to fight them or stop them-you will just get killed. Don't resist nor fear the oncoming armies, the Lord will bring us through.

Towards the end of the occupation 'Re-education camps' will be set up to eliminate all Americans. People will be loaded on passenger trains, then cattle cars, and shipped to factories. At the factories, they will be stripped naked, hung on hooks by their heels, and processed for food like cattle. This action is what brought on the wrath of God, and He entered into the picture. 'Jeffery' (leader of the land anointed in 1977) was raised by the Spirit of God and drove out the occupying armies and this occupation was ended.



After the 7 years of occupation, God intervenes and saves His country. God has ordained and anointed a man known as the "leader of the land" to end this occupation. He is known by the name 'Jeffrey', but that is not his real name. Led by the Spirit, Jeffrey joins the guerrillas who are still fighting to protect the U.S.; and they drive out the invading armies. The final battle is where New York once was. Russia is defeated and driven into the sea. The Russian Christians join us. Russia is attacked by China and Japan at the same time we are being delivered, and Russia fails as a major power. Israel survives the war. A 10 State Confederation forms in Europe, and the Anti-Christ comes to power.

How do we get out? Repentance is the only way. The problem lies with the church more than anything else-not with the military, not the Moslems, not the political parties in America.

It is significant to realize that this country began with 7 years of occupation under British rule before throwing off the occupation forces. April 19th, 1775, minutemen from the colonies clashed with British forces in the first battles at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. After 7 years of battle and occupation, American and British troops signed a preliminary peace treaty in Paris on November 30, 1782. (Where would we be today if gun control existed in 1775?)

Chuck-JOHNEL said the occupation is not tribulation, it is judgment on America. Then, as best as he can tell, we are then leading into the tribulation-after the occupation. However, Chuck-JOHNEL qualifies that the time to pass between the end of the 7 years of occupation and the emergence of the anti-Christ in Europe and the start of the Tribulation is not known or revealed - only that it follows the end of the occupation of America.

The Lord told Chuck-JOHNEL in 1988, "NO LONGER CALL MY CHURCH TO PRAY (to withstand judgments)-HENCEFORTH SAY, REPENT OR DIE."

Confirmation about Invasion and Astoria

QUOTE CHUCK-JOHNEL: "We had temporary access to a video made by the Prophecy Club (out of Kansas City) where this brother and fellow Prophet of Jesus spoke about what Jesus has showed him of judgment coming on America. Much of what Jesus gave us many years ago, Henry Gruver was speaking of To be specific, he mentioned that Jesus showed him Asian troops invading the U.S. West Coast at ASTORIA, OREGON. I believe Henry received that revelation in 1989.

Back in 1977, JESUS showed me how both the U.S. West and East Coast would be invaded, and how JAPANESE TROOPS would land/invade at ASTORIA, OREGON."

Confirmation about the Eight Flags and Invasion



QUOTE CHUCK-JOHNEL: Dumitru Duduman was born and raised in ROMANIA, and after years of persecution by the Communists, he was exiled (for smuggling Bibles into Russia). He then came to America. Here, JESUS gave him visions of the judgment coming on America and was so led to warn this nation.

Some brethren told me of Dumitru, having read his Prophetic Word, because he was saying much the same as what JESUS showed and told me. In Dumitru' s book, "THROUGH THE FIRE WITHOUT BURNING", on Page 175 he wrote of a dream-vision he had on January 23, 1992.

QUOTE DUMITRU: "It was late January 23, 1992. After prayer I went to sleep. In my dream I heard a loud noise. I began to look around me. When I looked up, I saw a big star in the sky but its' tips were bent. Suddenly I heard the sound of hoof beats.......There were EIGHT horses; and EIGHT men were in the chariot. They fired upon the star, and it fell. When it hit the ground, it blew up. In the same place where the star used to be, appeared a man dressed in white. He said, 'The star represents America.
The reason the tips are crooked is because America has fallen away from the Truth, and the Way of God. The eight horses, and the men in the chariot, represent eight kings that will rise. up against America and will overcome her.' Then the dream ended." UNQUOTE DUMITRU.

The EIGHT KINGS given to Dumitru in January 1992, are the same as the EIGHT FLAGS given to me in January 1978, some 14 years earlier-but note, nothing has changed in regards to the invasion and occupation of America as God revealed to me in 1977-1978. Fourteen years later, the Lord God is still saying and showing the same thing He showed 14 years earlier.

We have a triple witness here--mine, Henry's and Dumitru's in respect to the invasion of America." UNQUOTE CHUCK-JOHNEL


QUOTE: "JESUS years ago told us that we (myself and Nancy-TONI) are signs unto the church, His Body. When JESUS partially re-located us November 1990 from Mt. Vernon, that was a first signal that God's People were nearing a time to MOVE OUT and into green pasture areas - safe havens for them in times of severe judgments.

When He re-locates us wholly to a place in the North, that's a signal to God's People that it's time to think of re-locating if He has shown you that re-location is necessary for you. By His Word, at most, others will have 2 years to re-locate from the time He relocates us."

Chuck-JOHNEL relocated to Northern Washington State on Passover Sunday, April 24, 2005.



If THE SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD                   Very Important!

(The Lord encouraged Chuck-JOHNEL to give The Seal of the Living God on the forehead of his children.)

The scriptural basis for the Seal of the Living God was given in Ezekiel 9: 1-6 and in Revelations 7:1-3. JESUS told Chuck-JOHNEL that it had three functions, these being:

  1. Death would pass over those Sealed, they would not die before their time as set by God.
  1. The Sealed would be empowered to overcome the Beast of antichrist and all the hosts of hell.
  1. The Sealed would have opportunity to enter into a deeper, living Relationship with JESUS CHRIST.

Remember in times of trial that you have these blessings.

We as Christians need to be aware of certain things that will trouble us personally and as a whole:

QUOTE CHUCK-JOHNEL: "It was in the year 1981 that JESUS first revealed a plot that would be devised involving computers and the use of local police forces to seize and murder 1 million Christian leaders inside of a 24 hour period. Houston would be the planning center of this Illuminati plot."

A 9/6/2004 report was sent to Chuck-JOHNEL that speaks of a new law that: (Quote) "... passed in the US Senate (now awaiting US House approval) that would essentially outlaw Biblically conservative, fundamental Christianity. The new law would prohibit "hate speech" sermons and teaching that is negative towards any race, religion, sexual gender or "sexual orientation".

Should a Christian, whether a layperson or an ordained minister speak out and teach against homosexuality, abortion, adultery, or any other doctrinal issues that the Federal government might decide to rule as a hate crime.

Yes, you read that correctly. America's lawmakers are putting the final touches on a new law that would outlaw the bible and make the historic, fundamental doctrines of Christianity a crime. Although this bill was later defeated in the House of Representatives, that it even reached the floor as a bill for consideration is clear evidence of what direction this government is drifting towards."(Unquote)






Additional instruction from Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt

It is very important that we repent and pray for forgiveness, mercy, and for the Christian Leaders. Again, the Holy Spirit gave Chuck-JOHNEL to know that Prophecies are warnings of what will happen if people do not repent. If they do repent, the prophecies will be modified or cancelled, as the people believe. (As happened to Ninivah when Jonah prophesied of their destruction, but they repented and were spared.)

The Lord told Chuck -JOHNEL to follow the instructions given in Ephesians 6: 11-1 7, pray each day and picture yourself putting on the whole armor of God. The helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, having your loins girt about with truth and your feet shod with the shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace.

The Lord also told Chuck-JOHNEL that no one is praying for Christ's return. We need to all pray for the speedy return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to reign in glory and righteousness.

Most important, we need to make sure that the Lord is number one in our lives; that we are standing ready to do whatever the Lord asks us and to go wherever He asks us.

Chuck-JOHNEL'S 'Famine Word Prayer' is appropriate to keep in mind. "Lord JESUS, we know from Your Word that trouble will pursue us, unbearable burdens will come upon us and bend us over in great misery. But You have said that we are not to withstand these or strive with them, but we are to cast our troubles, our burdens, our miseries upon You, for you shall surely lift them from us and strengthen us and will magnify Your Spirit within us for all things. You have said to us, "Be of good cheer, for in thy darkest moments I AM with thee all through. Yea, abide and trust in Me, for I AM in the Father as the Father is in Me, I AM the Alpha and Omega, I AM He who came and I AM He who is to come. I AM the Good shepherd who comes to bring My sheep home."

Nancy-TONI recently prepared some Personal Prayer Sheets, designed to bring us closer to our Lord and Savior. Here is an excerpt from those prayers.

"Dear Sweet Jesus, I pray to receive you, Your Love and Your Forgiveness into my heart and soul. I just thank You from the bottom of my heart for coming to the earth to take on my sin and die for me that I may have life. I thank You for this priceless and precious gift which I am not worthy of, but am grateful to receive. I pray that my heart be planted into the very heart of God's Divine Love, and that I be enveloped by Your Presence and steeped in Your Grace and Love.



Dear Christ Jesus, I pray to seek the kingdom of God and Your righteousness within me in all aspects of my life, no matter where I am or what I am doing. I pray and seek to be in Your Holy Presence and that Your Presence would surround me like a dome of Love and protection. I pray that no matter what comes to me, that I would grow in Your Grace and in the Love of God, and that all I do in this world be a reflection of that Grace and Love.

MOVING TO GREEN PASTURES PRAYER: In the Name of Jesus, I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ upon my home and any place the Lord God would move me to. I pray for God's Wisdom, direction and provision that I may know where to move, when to move, and for the provision to make it possible whether that be money, a new job or any other need that may arise. I pray that God's Holy Angels would go before me to prepare the way and lead me to God's Perfect Will for me. Thank You, dear Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, my Savior and friend."


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