CDV-750 Dosimeter Charger and THREE (3) CDV-742 Dosimeters


The direct-reading pocket dosimeter is a portable instrument designed to measure the total dose of moderate and high levels of gamma radiation. The instruments make use of a small quartz fiber electroscope as an exposure detector and indicator. An image of the fiber is projected onto a film scale and viewed through the eyepiece lens. The scale is calibrated in roentgens (R) and may be read by looking through the eyepiece toward a lamp or other source of light. A CDV-750 dosimeter charger must be used in conjunction with the dosimeter to set the instrument to zero. The charger may also be used to read the scale or you can hold the dosimeter up to any light source and look through it.

NOTE: the CDV-750 uses 1 D cell Battery (not included). The CDV-742 Dosimeter is an 'electroscope' it is electro statically charged by the CDV-750 charger. The Dosimeter does NOT use a battery. No battery to replace, no battery to go bad, EVER!

Cleaned, Restored, Certified and Calibrated CDV-750 Dosimeter Charger. and THREE (3) CDV-742 Dosimeters

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