The Package


The Package' Contents:

- 1 Recently Certified Calibrated CD V-715 High-Range Survey Meter
- 3 Recently Certified Calibrated CD V-742 Dosimeters
- 1 Recently Tested & Tuned CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger
- 1 NukAlert™
- 1 KFM Ready-To-Use
- 5 RADStickers™
- 4 Packets of ThyroSafe™ KI tablets
- 1 Nuclear War Survival Skills book
- 1 FEMA Radiation Safety in Shelters book
- 1 The Effects of Nuclear Weapons book
- 1 Civil Defense Ultimate DVD
- 1 Hard Copies of our popular 'Good News' article & 'What To Do If...' guide.

If we sell out for a day, we will pull the quantity input above off this order form, so no more orders are taken, until we re-build enough inventory to accept new orders again. We know that could be frustrating hit & miss trying to order, but we will take orders only for as many as we can build and ship in the same day. The only thing worse than not easily ordering, is placing your order and then waiting forever or having it come incomplete. We'll cut off new orders before we risk that happening.

Yes, the cost is now higher, very long overdue, as we'd not raised prices on it since 2003 and our previous package was at a 25% discount off all the components purchased separately, and we have more products in this latest version, too, such as 4 packets of ThyroSafe™ now. It is still cheaper today, by over $175, compared to buying all the components individually. And, we still have FREE shipping on it.

USA sales only.

Temporarily out of stock will replenish shortly.

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